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Dorado Capital is an active investor in a number of private companies involved in activities as diverse as software, electrical cable contracting and logistics for the mining, oil and gas industries.

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The Dorado Search Fund is designed to give investors ownership of a diversified portfolio of businesses based on the tried-and-tested model of funding exceptional entrepreneurs to find, buy, and build enduring businesses.

The Dorado Search Fund is not interested in start-ups, nor it is interested in turnarounds. We are focussed on medium sized sound existing businesses with persistent recurring revenue from loyal clients.

Typical entrepreneurs are aged 30-40, well-educated and have four to eight years of management experience. When combined with the right support and strong motivation to lead a growing private business they are an ideal candidate to buy a business, but they lack the required capital.

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Dorado Capital is a sister organisation to Dorado Property which specialises in the national provision of capital to develop apartments and land sub-divisions.

Dorado Property deploys funding across the whole spectrum of the capital stack from first mortgages through to equity. Dorado Property is involved in financing projects that are underway anytime from pre-approval through to post-completion.

The full range of funding solutions and example case studies is available at www.doradoproperty.com.au

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